Monday, November 27, 2006

Morocco won't even dignify me with a block

Shucks. Like any good Western Sahara fan, I lust for a legitimacy only Morocco can give: blocking my blog. All sorts of other websites have been given that distinction. I figured I'd have to start writing in Arabic or French, but it seems even that won't get me blocked anymore. This was on ARSO's news page:

The censorship of Internet sites judged hostile to the interests of Morocco is becoming more common. After the sites supporting the Polisario, it is certain free servers which are being blocked partially or totally. The last to date : the name of the domain “”, which harbours several Moroccan blogs ... and a Saharawi blog particularly virulent against the kingdom. Censorship continues likewise to hit the geographical search program Google Earth.
Fiddlesticks. A blanket block is no fun. There is an upside, though: apparently the Moroccan government is so afraid that its lies will be exposed, it even blocks websites with as little inherent credibility as free blogs.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    if you are talking about lies, why don't you start being truthful yourself.
    you are talking about freedom in Sahara province however, you forget freedom for sahrawi in tindouf.
    why don't your Algerian puppet set those human being free in stead of jailing them for thirty years in a miserable condition.
    Why don't you also talk about children that are taken from their parents by force to Cuba by your group to be brainwashed.
    isn't that a crime itself to separate a kid from his or her parent?
    But I guess you are picking only stories that serves your propaganda and avoiding the real issue which is those poor people that are suffering with no water and no food. tell your group to open up the siege that is surrounding sahrawi population living in those Algerian camps.

  2. Really, no one outside of Morocco takes seriously the idea that Polisario are holding the Sahrawis captive in Tindouf. Amnesty International and the UN raised concerns about Algeria hampering refugees' freedom of movement around Algeria, but that is hardly hostage-taking.

    If you can find me a reputable non-Moroccan source that says the most of the Sahrawis in Tindouf want to return to a Moroccan-occupied Western Sahara and are prevented by Polisario and Algeria, I'll read it with an open mind.

    As for the Cuba brainwashing calumny, it's been widely disproven, most notably by the United Nations. A 2005 UNHCR report found that Sahrawis in Cuba were attending university there, and "the children are not subjected to any form of abuse or exploitation of any type whatsoever."

    Here's the report:

    If you want to complain about something, you should complain about the widow in my block quote layout.

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    You are right Will
    All Saharawis websites and websites of Saharawi supporters websites are censored by Moroccans or attacked by pro-Moroccan hackers…
    All internet coffees in WS are controlled by moroccan security forces. Many young saharawis have been arrested when they tried to check these websites….
    …. shame for the moroccan “democracy” .

    Western Sahara is really now under military and “information” siege

    FYI. Last week the Arabic speaking Channel “ Aljazeera” opened its regional office in Morocco. They avoid to talk about the Western Sahara issue at all. Even humanitarian issue
    And they make “deal” with morrocan “mekhzen regime linking Western Sahara map to morocco for FIRST TIME ..

    You can see interested article about the “fake” moroccan borders/maps on the last edition of an moroccan independent newspaper
    ( sorry in Arabic

    I advise the anonymous pro-moroccan to read it for himself


  4. Anonymous2:39 PM

    To the anonymous Moroccan

    Why you don’t want to talk about the saharawi children sent t

    I was in morocco and also in the Saharawis refugees camps in Algeria too. And I can tell you that I have seen people living in difficult situation in these camps but I have found them proud saharawis … . they have more “democracy “ than in Morroco itself!!!. Even They can criticize publicly Polisario and its leaders. Can you do in Morocco? I don’t think so

    Every day you can see hundreds of foreigners in the Saharawis camps mostly Spanish…..vehicles of all kind of international and humanitarian organizations and NGOs
    Going around there.
    I don’t think they will have the same rights in “occupied Western Sahara”
    Even MINURSO staff in Western Sahara are under moroccan security siege…

    The WS is become now a jail for real saharawis. What moroccans bring to WS:
    Drugs, “sex tourism” and Unemployment ….

    To see what is really going now in WS. You can check the last today Reuters news:
    New tragedy in Western Sahara: Death of numerous young Sahrawsi, among them, militant and human rights defender Naji Mohamed Salem BOUKHATEM

    Enough for now.


  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    to respond to your falsie claims:
    First, we are a democratic country and we are working to improve our institution as every country in the west and other region of the world.
    For your information, the whole world is competing to invest in morocco. why is that?
    simply because of stability, democracy and open market.
    The economy is growing, the debt of the country is very low, and of course unemployment is also getting low.
    aren't you jealous!
    I challenge you in Morocco, that I am able to go to any siber cafe to blog, chat or do anything I want in the internet.
    Moroccans have never believed in a controlled system therefore we did not choose communism like your supportive regime in Algeria.
    Second, you said, "Every day you can see hundreds of foreigners in the Saharawis camps mostly Spanish…..vehicles of all kind of international and humanitarian organizations and NGOs Going around there."
    Well you are proving my previous point to be correct, which is starving those poor people in those camps. those humanitarian organizations and NGOs are there to help those jailed people by offering them food and water however, Moroccan sahrawi don't need them. They have jobs, houses, schooled and hospitals available. We have tourists driving cars enjoying the Moroccan culture not humanitarians trucks.

    Third, you said "Even MINURSO staff in Western Sahara are under Moroccan security siege…"
    How would a reasonable person with common sense say that.
    If they had felt any pressure they would have already complained to the united nation.
    Nobody in the world could put the united nation's troops under siege.
    I think you are losing your mind. Sir they are free and they are conducting their jobs according to the international law.

  6. Anonymous4:13 PM

    …. You are so far from Western Sahara…and the problems of Saharwis there..
    It looks that You are only one of the 5% lucky Moroccans who have on hands 45% of the country economy
    80% of the Moroccans have less than 2$ /day in what call in French “ La monarchie des pauvres”

    The same in “ occupied Western Sahara “ . only few families have monopoly on the Rich Western Sahara territory …the majority of saharawis there living under the poverty level

    May you as Moroccan can enter any internet coffee but young saharawis in WS don’t and cant . You are lucky now that you can see the pro-saharawi websites censor by morocco.
    Saharawis in “occupied WS” cant see it
    Just yesterday they censure this website : and many others pro-WS websites

    On MINURSO issue. Just read The forgotten referendum, Francesco Bastagli * , International New Herald Tribune, 24.11.06
    [*UN SG Special Representative for Western Sahara (MINURSO Chief 2005 - 2006]


  7. Anonymous7:45 PM

    My friend I am neither rich nor poor. I am just a regular Moroccan person living normal life and I am enjoying it. I guess I consider myself a middle class member which it does exist in Moroccan society and you are trying to ignore it.
    I am discussing with you guys just to correct your claims. I am not representing anybody accept myself. however, you are doing so.
    you are claiming that most Moroccan are poor, I think Sir again you are wrong. I will direct you to the international organization like the world bank and IF, read their report about Morocco. it shows the growth of this year. If my memory serves me correct it is going to be %7 growth this year. the investment is pouring to the country. again many companies are competing to invest in the Morocco which proves the democracy and stability of the country.
    I am not denying that we don't have poor people . to be honest with you, I think it is %16 or %18 are living under poverty which is not bad if you compare it with the richest country in the world United states of America that have %16 of their population living under the poverty level.

    you can not blame jailed sahrawi's depravation on anybody. accept your group.
    they are taking the donation given to them by the international organizations and using it for their own propaganda. maybe you are getting some of these money yourself. as you know, many European organizations complained about the corruption within your group and some of them even stopped sending humanitarian aid. I wish I remembered their names but I am sure you know what I am talking about.

    I assure you that Moroccan sahrawi are living in houses, taking their kids to schools and living their normal life. As far as your claim that Moroccan sahrawi don't have access to the internet, I think you are being desperate in finding lies. I myself went to university and I had not only Moroccan sahrawi classmates but also a Moroccan sahrawi professor and they had access to the facilities within the campus including the internet. some of those students came from a rich family and it did not bother me at all.
    I think you belong to an old school that your group believe in which is communism. they have not yet learned that their Marxist ideology has been dead by the collapse of the soviet union.

    Regarding censoring your site, I believe in a free speech however if your site contains hidden and coded messages that try to threaten the security of the population, which might be the case here, My friend I will not accept that neither from you nor from anybody. I love the stability in my country and I don't want any person to smuggle any arms or hatred messages that trying to harm my family. as you know your group have tried many times to do so.