Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Moroccans say "Hands off my country," Sahrawis agree

Fnaire are a group of Moroccan rappers, and they're tremendous. I base my assessment on this song, "Makich Baladee," which translates roughly into "Hands off my country" or "Don't touch my country." The song was written in response to the 2003 terrorist attack in Casablanca, the largest act of terrorism in Morocco's history. Fnaire is effectively saying to North African terrorists Salafia Jihadia, "Don't touch my country."

The chorus is so catchy, I'd like this song even if King Hassan II himself wrote it. But there's a soft hypocrisy in Fnaire's message when you think about the country to Morocco's south that it will literally not get its hands off of.

In other news, I'm on top of the Google rankings for one hump or two, once again (take that, weird Answers in Genesis and American Handgunner). Plus, I'm loving the new tags feature.

Tonight the Georgetown branch of UNICEF is hosting a dinner. Each table has a different theme. I signed up for the refugees/orphans/displaced persons table, so I'll be eating with two experts on the issue and some interested students. I'll mention it if anything Western Sahara-related comes out of it.

Meaty post later today about Congress and the Western Sahara.

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