Friday, November 10, 2006

Even Casablanca and metereologists know the Western Sahara deserves independence

Time for another installment of Even ____ Knows the Western Sahara Deserves Independence. Today we have two winners, Casablanca and my Arabic class DVD.

I watched Casablanca in my class about World War II today. The opening credits are superimposed over a map of Africa. The movie itself takes place in Morocco. Below Morocco on the map, the Western Sahara is clearly demarcated as a separate territory.

The movie was filmed in 1942, 14 years before the first wave of African decolonization and 33 years before the Madrid Accords and Spain. Casablanca’s director, Michael Curtiz, could have been a Greater Moroccan ideologue and it still wouldn’t have made sense to take away Western Sahara’s borders at the time. So while the map isn’t a powerful pro-Sahrawi statement, it recalls a time when everyone who knew where Spanish Sahara was accepted it as a territory separate from Morocco.

The more legitimate, but less famous winner today is the DVD included with my Arabic textbook. The DVD contains some Arab weather reports, including one that can't be more than a few years old. In one, a forecast on the entire Middle East-North African community, there’s a demarcation line between Western Sahara and Morocco.

I hope today’s winners are proud. I’m proud of them for making sure people don’t stop asking about that parallelogram on the west African coast.


  1. Official maps generally separate between Morocco and the Western Sahara, because the latter is technically considered as a disputed territory.

  2. Most do. However, a variety of maps that are used to illustrate non-Western Sahara issues don't, either because they don't think it's important or because they aren't aware of the issue.

  3. to answer will's doubt :

    maps do not show the so called western sahara ...simply because it is a farce ....a colonial creation with the cooperation of an algerian old regime that targets its moroccan territorial integrity..I was Born in L AAyoun and refuse any claims dividing the moroccan map into meaningless pieces..The offical maps are colonial creations ,,,and we are the people of Morocco we do not acceot those imaginary lines ..I can travel from Tangier to la guira with no lines in view ..this is our map here.

  4. If your feeling is shared by the majority of Western Saharans, then there is no reason Morocco should fear following through on the referendums it's promised.

  5. Anonymous3:18 PM

    All “official” maps show separate Western Sahara “ former Sahara Espanol”
    No body in the world recognize the sovereignty of Morocco on the territory called “Western Sahara” or former “ Sahara Espanol”

    Maps which illustrate non-separate Western Sahara are “illegal “ according to International Law

    Algeria and Morocco have no thing to do with that. Only Saharwis “ real Sahrawis” can decide on their territory future
    No body else

    I am also Saharwi Born in Samara. The heart of Saguia Al Hamra , Wertern Sahara. I am PROUD of that and I am not/ and don’t want to be/ Moroccan or Algerian.

    Why Moroccan “Mukhzen” regime ( not Moroccan people of course) is afraid of FREE referendum organized by UN on Western Sahara ?
    Are they afraid of True? May they don’t care about us “Saharawis” at all

    May you can travel from Tanger in Morocco to LQuira in Western Sahara but the real Saharwis in Occupied Western Sahara CAN NOT.
    They are suffering now in Al-Aioun , Smara and Dakhla by Moroccan Security forces ( GUS ….ext )
    Go to to see more

    With respect to “real” people of Western Sahara and “real” people of Morocco


  6. Only Sahrawis should decide what they want. The thing is, Sahrawis themselves are deeply divided between an allegiance to Morocco and a will for independence. It's a fact that should be recognized.