Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Western Sahara Day

I decided a few days ago I need to throw a big Western Sahara party, to raise awareness and make people think the Western Sahara is fun (they would come to that conclusion anyway, but this'll speed the process). Plus, I have a sheet of Western Sahara stickers I took from the Haidar reception (sorry for ripping you off, Defense Forum, but Georgetown students are easily swayed by stickers).

Here's the preliminary plan: start taking cookies from the dining hall and keeping them in Tupperware. Then, on the appointed day, go around giving cookies and stickers to people who will listen to my 1 minute Western Sahara story.

The only problem is, there are few happy days in Sahrawi history. If you have any suggestions for a good day to do this (before May, since school lets out then), kick them at me. Any other ideas for fun stuff is welcome, too.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Will

    Do you have Saharawi tranditional clothe let me know if you want Turban and Darha that is what they Saharawi man wear...I can send it to you.... I didnt know you study in Georgetown I went their to visit the campus few month goes I while liked it..They have a nice campus and programs too...

    well take care