Monday, October 09, 2006

UN report: Morocco out of Western Sahara

I'll be impressed if you read all of this, a transcript of a UN committee meeting about the Western Sahara. The meeting eventually devolves into a undergrad seminar-level discussion of decolonization, but South Africa, the newest nation to recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, is nice enough to reaffirm Western Sahara's membership in the African Union.

Also, who is sending me links to The site is pro-occupation and claims that the Western Sahara is just a reclaimed part of Morocco, but it's nice to know what tune the devil's playing, so thanks for the links.


  1. I think Sahrawis will have to wait for a long time if they rely on the UN to solve their problem. The U.N, regarding the Sahara issue, has become the scene of a diplomatic show of power and alliances' building between Morocco and Algeria...I have some knowledge about how this game is played in the UN scene. Until this show stops, where are the Sahrawis ? I wish if the REAL and ALL sahrawis can speak freely for themselves wherever they are. In Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, or elsewhere. We are still away from that whatever the UN 4th committee says.

  2. You're right that the Sahrawis are a long way from self-determination. But the UN's discussions don't hurt, and allow us to see which states stand with SADR, even if only nominally.