Monday, October 30, 2006

MINURSO update

A tipster who may wish to remain anonymous hooked me up with this article, about MINURSO. Tomorrow the United Nations is considering whether or not to renew MINURSO's charter.

It seems like MINURSO might not get renewed. What would that mean? In the article, Western Sahar's ambassador in the United States, Mouloud Said, offers one prediction about what will happen when no one stands between the Polisario and Morocco.

"Polisario's Washington representative, Mouloud Said, says Polisario might be tempted to resume fighting to force the hand of Moroccan King Mohammed VI. After "six or seven months of war, he'll be more realistic," he said in an interview. "And I think that's what he needs.""

I'm not sure if MINURSO should be renewed or not. If a more empowered mission replaces it and finally enforced the 1991 referendum agreement, the Western Sahara will be better politically and might finally be independent. But if nothing replaces MINURSO, I think that represents a further degradation in the international community's commitment to the Sahrawis. In Morocco, they'd paint it as proof that the UN accepted Morocco's occupation.

Most of this blog has been a rehash of the past 30 years. It's exciting to finally be able to report new developments in the Western Sahara. I'll be checking ARSO, but if you know the UN's decision, comment.

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