Wednesday, October 04, 2006

King Hassan II trivia

Which other African dictator did King Hassan II, the Moroccan monarch who invaded Western Sahara, prop up? I'll give you a hint. His name means "the cock who won't leave the hens alone."

It's Mobutu Sese Seko, dictator of Zaire! According to Tony Hodges in Western Sahara: Roots of a Desert War, Hassan repeatedly sent Moroccan troops to fight a Zairean secessionist movement (they had experience with that sort of thing, you'll remember).

Brutal African kleptocrats: they're friends!


  1. Moroccan interventions in Zaire was a part of its commitment to/participation in the ‘Safari Club’, which included pro-Western/anti-soviet regimes like Morocco, Iran (under the Shah), Egypt and Saudi Arabia. After Vietnam and the Clark Amendment, the US and France developed a 'client strategy' to guard their interests in the Third World. The Safari Club’s goal was to do the bidding of Washington and Paris in areas where French or US intervention would have been domestically opposed, illegal or immoral. Mahmoud Mamdani’s book Good Muslim, Bad Muslim has a section on the Safari Club’s history, which came to light following the 1979 revolution in Iran.


  2. Thanks for the info. Those naughty US proxy states, always doing the dirty work because their citizens have no channels to punish the government.