Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thanks for the help 200 years ago, Morocco.

I feel lately that I've been picking on Morocco. Sure, their government's oppressing the Saharawis, but I'd be sad if someone was nasty to Americans because of our government's policies. Just to show that I think the Moroccan people themselves are pleasant and probably, deep down, want a free Western Sahara, here's a fun fact about Morocco: it was the first country to recognize the United States.

In 1777, Morocco promised the Sultan's protection for America shipping, marking the first diplomatic recognition of the United States as an independent country.

I first heard this at the National Clergy Council luncheon, but I didn't believe it (apparently, you can't believe everything the NNC tells you). Wikipedia jumped to confirm the NCC's assertion, though.

It was lovely for Morocco to recognize the United States.

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