Friday, September 01, 2006

Tents in Tindouf

I mentioned earlier that I'm reading Michael Palin's Sahara. There's a part where Michael Palin visits the Saharawi refugees in the Tindouf refugee camp in Algeria, and notes that the camp isn't a sea of blue plastic sheeting, unlike the UN-run refugees camps in east Congo or Kosovo.

Rather, most of the Saharawis live in traditional nomadic tents: "They are not only practical but also symbolic, a remind to the Saharawis of their nomadic inheritance, and a reminder too that this cheerless black landscapeis only a temporary resting place on the journey back to their homeland."

I thought that was a beautiful description of a pitiable, unjust situation.


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  2. How fortunate of you to have been given that Sahara book.

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