Monday, September 18, 2006

Sublime Frequencies: Radio Algeria

Still having camera issues, so the Haidar reception post isn't going to be up today. Instead, today's Western Sahara topic is Radio Algeria, a CD that rocks.

From what I heard at the reception, going to the Western Sahara really means going to the refugee camps in the west of Algeria (travelling through Morocco is problematic). More than that, though, Algeria has been intimately linked with the Western Sahara struggle since before decolonization. This makes Algerian culture relevant to independence. Plus, I needed music to listen to while I study Arabic.

Radio Algeria was made by Sublime Frequencies, a group that makes collage remixes of foreign radio stations. I enjoyed their remix of North Korean pop and martial music, Radio Pyongyang. I think Radio Algeria is even better, though.

While Radio Algeria has no song about the Western Sahara, it does feature a song called "Saharan Mosaic." It's different from the rest of the CD, which is mostly a melange of European and Arabic pop. "Saharan Mosaic" is a return to Algeria, and the regions, desert origins.


  1. " going to the Western Sahara really means going to the refugee camps in the west of Algeria". Do u mean that the Western Sahara is within Algeria ? If that's the case, sahraouis should ask to be independant from Algeria.

  2. No, the Western Sahara is occupied by Morocco. What I meant was that when you visit the Western Sahara you have to go through Algeria because it's difficult to cross over from Morocco proper.

    Plus, the refugee camps are in Algeria, so you have to go there to visit them.

    Thanks for your question.

  3. I don't agree with you because you can fly to two major cities in the Western Sahara from the US : Dakhla and Laayoune. You can take a flight to Casablanca from NY or DC then take a connection flight to these cities.

    But, as u said, some sahraouis do live in refugee camps in Algeria.

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