Friday, September 22, 2006

"If you're a Man who loves Moroccan Women, then you simply MUST..."

Thanks, Google ads! If someone buys this, we can overcome the self-defeating behaviors that turn off Moroccan women instantly. Fortunately, from my free trial I've learned the five "very common tell-tale signs that tell you" if Morocco is interested in you.

1. You have phosphates.
2. You might have oil offshore.
3. Its army is unruly and needs to be kept away from her capital.
4. It has just come out of a disastrous Sand War and needs to inspire patriotism.
5. It's best friends with the United States and France.

All that, gratis.

Update: fair enough point on a commenter's part. No need to be snitty to Moroccan women, who I'm sure are a nice bunch. So instead I'm snitty to the Moroccan government.


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  2. I thought this blog was seriously discussing the Western Sahara issue. The previous contributions were interesting and quite intellectual, but the last Post doesn't fit absolutely into this category.

    To positively discuss the Western Sahara issue, a rational, intelligent and respectful discussion is needed. Men, women and children are living in harsh conditions in refugee camps because of this conflict. The least they expect from us is an intelligent discussion that may alleviate their suffering. Insulting discussions towards any of the belligerants won't do any good to anyone.

  3. It's not insulting, it's lighthearted. Still, you make a fair point that there's no reason to insult the Moroccan people.

    I agree the Saharawis deserve serious discussion. But to admit that is not to exclude levity from the issue. It's precisely when we only speak of the occupation seriously that Morocco wins, because activists become humorless and the general public loses interest.

    Incidentally, I deleted studentintheus's first post because it was a double-post.

  4. I like this post. It's witty and fun, and I think you're misreading it if you see it as insulting. Plus...refugees don't like humor? Unlikely!

  5. Hello Will

    I just read the post and I think it funny. Not beucase it make fun of Marroco women just the fact that google say that about them....

    I also read the comment that Studentintheusa and kate wrote and I wonder if he is a Saharawi. To kate I want to say kindly I am Saharawi whose lived in the Refugee camps in Tindouf and right now studying in the USA I have to say that if any one knows humor in this world is the Saharawi people in the refugee camps people because humor and laught it what has helped them to keep going for 30 yrs.. going to 31yrs.