Friday, August 18, 2006

Western Sahara organization acronyms

Let's say you want to make an organization that lobbies and builds awareness for Western Saharan independence. You'll need a slick acronym, and you think you've got one. But let's also say that Association de soutien à un référendum libre et régulier au Sahara Occidental is taken. Not so prepared now, huh?

One of the greatest barriers to Western Saharan independence--perhaps the barrier--is that the beginning letters of Western and Sahara don't sound well put together. They're all right when at the end of an acronym (CAWS, PAWS), but at the front it comes out muddled. No congressmen wants to think about the demands of Wuh-Suh.

You'll also need vowels so the name can be pronounced. It's not a problem for the AFL-CIO, but for us, we need to make sure our organization has fewer syllables in its acronym than members on the dues list.

Fortunately, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I've come up with several names that circumvent these obstacles.
  • SNARL (Saharan-North American Referendum League)--This is cute, but sounds militant. I'll leave this for some anti-globalization teamsters.
  • CAWS (Citizens for the Advancement of the Western Sahara)--This one comes from former Houstonian, current North Carolinian, and forever Western Sahara fan Kevin Miller. Unfortunately, it's vague, and sounds like we're trying to get ahead at the expense of others. Better luck next time, Kevin.
  • AWSI (Association for Western Saharan Independence)--I came up with this while I was shaving today. I'm crazy about it, it reminds everyone of a fun-loving, tanned people, and it rolls off the tongue. Plus, it avoids being confused with any foolishness about autonomy.
I say AWSI.

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