Thursday, August 17, 2006

Western Sahara Independence Day

This summer I worked at the Pakistani Consulate. Last Monday, August 14th, was Pakistan's Independence Day. We had a wild party, all Pakistani businessmen, Pakistani office workers, me, and the consul's driver, who claims to have been at the scene of the Tupac and Biggie murders.

After everyone meeted and greeted, we gathered in the reception room. People gave speeches, and as each one finished there was a call and response of Pakistan! Zindabad! (long live Pakistan).

It was great, seeing Pakistanis celebrate their country, only 60 years old. I'm looking forward to Western Sahara independence day, although I can't decide whether it'll be when a referendum is finally held or when power is transferred from Morocco.

Nothing too exciting because I was out with Kate today. I'm working on the luncheon post, though, and we'll see when that's up. Right now I'm listening to the new Decemberists album (One Hump or Two? keeps you updated on album leaks as well as Saharawi independence!) and it's decidely eh.

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