Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Speak Arabic and Spanish? Come to the Western Sahara.

Today I'm starting Arabic. We'll see how that goes, but it's a good chance to talk about the Western Sahara's unique combination of Spanish and Arabic, the only country I know of that speaks both as its major languages.

So that's a good reason to like the Western Sahara, and support its independence. In America, Spanish is the most popular language taught in middle and high schools (I have no figures on that, so eat it, French). Arabic's fun too. If the Western Sahara is independent, an enormous amount of Americans would have linguistic access to it.

Pictures on the blog have been slow due to school stuff, but tomorrow my classes are over by 11, so I'm thinking a Western Sahara/dorm life montage.

1 comment:

  1. You better step up your dorm life pics if you want to compete with my homage to the dental dam.

    I think it's so odd that two languages from completely different linguistic groups can coexist in one place.