Saturday, August 19, 2006

Shout-outs, teasers, no more weekend posts

It seems as though all the most professional blogs (Fluxblog, Stereogum, even Houstonist) take the weekend off. Since I can't aspire to their work ethic, I figure I'll keep you in the dark about the Western Sahara on Saturday and Sunday.

Coming up next week, we have posts on the Sahrawi Press Service, my emails with the National Clergy Council, and the long-awaited, long-delayed luncheon post.

Thanks to Kate's parents for listening to the Western Sahara story. I need to learn more about the Moroccan napalm attacks on refugee camps, because that always outrages people, and for good reason.

Recently, I was emailed by Mohamed Brahim, a Florida Saharawi who runs Sahara-Panorama. A lot of his site is in Arabic, but he does have a Saharawi pride video in the most recent post. There's even a heart-wipe.

Next week's big question: can I get someone in the National Clergy Council to defend the slavery allegation with facts?

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