Friday, August 11, 2006

Saharawi v. Sahrawi: Round 1

This needs to be settled before we can go further. The transliteration between Arabic and English/Spanish/French means there's dispute over what to call Western Sahara's displaced people. Will it be Saharawi or Sahrawi? ARSO and Western Sahara Online say Saharawi, as does the Christian news wire article about today's conference. I think Wikipedia is where I got the Sahrawi idea.

What Saharawi has going for it
  • Incorporates "Sahara"
  • Seems to be commonly accepted
  • Is easier to say, avoiding an awkward transition between two consonants
  • The National Council of Clergy uses Sahrawi, making it less cool.
But Sahrawi isn't out yet
  • Sounds more exotic
  • Used by Wikipedia
  • Seems like less of an Anglicization than Saharawi
While Sahrawi made a good case, I think I'll go with Saharawi.

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    this is a funny post.
    oh and by the way its pronounced sa7rawi by us sa7rawis, well in my case half sa7rawi.

    (7 being the arabic ḥā)

    keep blogging!

    Fatima Mussa