Sunday, August 27, 2006

POLISARIO--What the acronym means

I've known about the Polisario Front since I learned about the Western Sahara. They're the sometimes militant, sometimes political group that represents the Saharawis. I just thought the name was Spanish or a transliteration of an Arabic word, but actually, POLISARIO is an acronym.

At the Speak for Sahrawis luncheon (someday, that post will be finished) I sat next to Bachir Edkhil, who claimed to have come up with the acronym. Before Morocco and Mauritania invaded, Western Sahara was divided into two portions, SaguĂ­a el Hamra and Rio de Oro.

Combining the first few words of the territories, as well as popular and liberation, POLISARIO (POpular de LIberacion de SAguia el hamra y RIo de Oro)

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